Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Bringing you back up to date

So since September alot has been happening

Martha Benediike Hjorth Jessen is exhibiting in KUNSTEYSSEN in Alkmaar
with a work titled "Architectural Recalibration Fase 2"

De Service Garage artist, Charlott Markus, Zoro Feigl, Benjamin Roth, Frank Ammerlaan,

are attending Supermarket art fair in Stockholm Sweden at this moment. Go say hi to them if its close to you.

Most recently in January 2010

Zoro Feigl made a new work in SELF SERVICE, open art space, Eichstra├če Stuttgart

The work is titled "Pressurizing"

In January Fraser participated in a show called "Flowers For Algernon", an exhibition that took place in De Zwarte Ruyter in Rotterdam and was inspired by the book of the same title.

He's Been There For Ages, by Fraser Stewart

Bite Your Nails, By Fraser Stewart

November to December 2009

was also the group show
and for the finisage Fraser Stewart and Maurice van Daalen did lectures on the works they made

Installation and talk by Maurice van Daalen, title of work, Studio, in the "Lets Take It Outside exhibition".

Fraser Stewart and Martha Benediike Hjorth Jessen where invited to present there work at “MASS Holy House” Exhibition with Freudenthal/Verhagen in what was previously a sauna in Amsterdam .

Just Keep Running by Fraser stewart

Architectural Recalibration
2009, Martha Benedikte
Materials: Soap-solution, steel and string

Charlott Marcus participated in RENDITION, in The Trouw Amsterdam

Zoro Feigl was asked to present a work for a show entitled "If only I was more like you"

Benjamin Roth presented his work at RC de Ruimte, Ijmuiden

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